Texpand app docsDocs for Android text expansion app.

Tools for better thinking | UntoolsTools for helping solving problems, make decisions and think in a systemic way.

Array Manager | Magento 2 Developer DocumentationProcess deeply nested associative array in Magento 2.

component/textarea-caret-position: xy coordinates of a textarea or input's caretCaret position on screen for placing menus and other autocomplete popups near the cursor.

new.cssClass-less CSS framework

jlaswell/compote: bite-sized dependency management for PHPgo implementation of part of composer

Private Packages | repman.io | Private PHP Package Repository ManagerProxy and private package repository for php composer packages

Test stream for YouTube LiveYouTube teststream with gstreamer

A file watching service | WatchmanWatches your files for changes.

Whimsical: The Visual WorkspaceCreate mind maps, flowcharts wireframe and board with sticky notes.

evilsocket/opensnitch: OpenSnitch is a GNU/Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewallShows connections to the internet, with the ability to block them.

Space: The integrated team environmentCould be a nice environment for teams. It has some stuff already included for code reviews and source control. But I think we'll need the boards before we can use it for real.

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