Array Manager | Magento 2 Developer DocumentationProcess deeply nested associative array in Magento 2.

jlaswell/compote: bite-sized dependency management for PHPgo implementation of part of composer

Private Packages | | Private PHP Package Repository ManagerProxy and private package repository for php composer packages

24 Tips for Using Composer Efficiently — Martin Hujer blogMore tips for improved module development with Composer

💻 Easy peasy composer local package symlink: composer-link | SubstraktTips for improved module development with Composer.

Solving conflicts in composer.lock – Rafael DohmsAnother strategy for working with composer.lock merge conflicts.

Resolving composer merge conflicts | TheodoExplains strategy for working through merge conflicts in composer.lock

Syntax-aware grep for PHP codeCommand line search tool for searching inside php code.

PsalmPHP static analysis by Vimeo

spiral/roadrunner: High-performance PHP application server, load-balancer and process manager written in GolangRoadrunner is a PHP application server. I want to check this out. At work we use a lot of PHP code and perhaps could help with that.

Last week I started to use PhpStorm after using Vim for >10 years. Magento 2 contains 1000s of files split over 1000s of directories. And every file you want to use has to be specified in full, and often more than once. Too much typing. PhpStorm helps with that.

Implementing Microsub yourself (part 1)

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