Ekster adds _source now as a field to the feed items.
I made some improvements to the WebSub Hub. This should now actually expire old subscriptions.
I'm trying to add the "_source" field to items in Ekster. At the moment it adds the information from the FeedHeader when it is available.

I just pushed a nice improvement for ek. It allows you to use the name or uid of the channel in all commands. This makes working with it a lot easier. No need to remember random IDs.

The coolest feature from Ekster that I forgot about was the new search integration.
You can now search for items in your system in specific fields. An example would be a query for name:weekly. The part "name:" would find items with the word weekly appearing in the name. All supported JF2 properties could be looked for.
I just noticed Home Assistant supports Indieauth to get access tokens. That's great!

A few days ago I saw a video by Aaron Parecki talking about PKCE. It seems to be a useful improvement to OAuth and Indieauth.

So today I added this to the weblog. It can now do the extra verification that happens, because of PKCE. It was pretty simple as you can add it as a few steps between the normal authentication. The structure itself stays very much the same. So this was the authorization server side of the protocol. Now I should add this to the clients that I created.

Today I wanted to build a new version of the website with Drone. It got this error: "SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired". The strange thing is that SSL certificate is from Let's Encrypt and this is automatically regenerated.

The solution I found was to pull a newer version of "drone/git" on the host machine where Drone runs. This solves the problem.

<a href="https://discourse.drone.io/t/issue-with-letsencrypt-and-ssl-certificates-in-old-drone-git/9852">solution</a>
Personal knowledge management could never have this input would without the public wikis providing a place for this written experience.
In the original wikis, part of the draw was that the people who took part in the history wrote about their personal experience. There is a big chance that these people would not have written this otherwise.

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