It's always strange and great to be mentioned in the Indieweb podcast. Always unexpected.
Perhaps a nice client for Microsub would be an Android app that allows you to follow a website by sharing the link.
Posting a note works great. I also like the new interface of #omnibear. It 's great that it's possible to create bookmarks now.
Trying the new Omnibear version. Let's see if this works out of the box.
Ekster shows your entries oldest first and unread only. This has advantages: you won't miss stuff the would normally have scrolled of. It also has disadvantages: all the stuff you haven't read will pile up.
It would be great to follow people from the channel itself. They're already available in the feed, so in a way they're followed. But not always, for example when you follow a feed of likes.
I just created a domain for my new Indieweb reader. It's available at The only things you need are a Indieauth and Microsub endpoint with CORS support and a web browser.

Retrieve all your subscriptions from a Microsub server

ek channels | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -n 1 ek follow
I would be nice if I could connect to the post interface at the top, to certain destinations or syndication-targets. That way posts in my Tweets channels would go to Twitter. #microsub #indiereader
Having my own interface to Microsub and Micropub allows me to try a few experiments. The first is the post interface at the top of the stream.

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