The Postgres streams in Ekster got some improvements. Hope this works better now.
What would I need to send the webmention notifications to Ekster? It seems that I need to post the webmentions as Micropub posts to a channel.
I have been building a Postgres backend for some of the timelines. This timeline type returns items in reverse chronological order and keeps all of them (for now). The sorted sets type removed all read items.
I'm reading the Fit for Purpose book. It seems the F4P cards are a good way to gather information about your service or product. I will try this some more.
The kotlin parser uses a marker to build a tree of the code. I need to find out how this works.
Where to start with automating?
- Automate something you already do.
- List tools and make connections, see what becomes possible
I added a "Read More" button to Ekster Reader. With this change, longer articles are smaller, but can be expanded when you want to.
The WebSub hub needs a few small updates to improve the error handling, logging and handling of updates after the fact.
The new version of @phpstorm can create multiple files at the same time. This will make it possible to create all the files needed for a repository in one operation.
I want to counter the number of restarts of ESPHome devices. Perhaps it could be done with the counter in Home Assistant. But I need an event as well. Is there an event that is triggered when ESPhome disconnects or starts?

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