I just created a domain for my new Indieweb reader. It's available at https://reader.p83.nl/ The only things you need are a Indieauth and Microsub endpoint with CORS support and a web browser.

Retrieve all your subscriptions from a Microsub server

ek channels | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -n 1 ek follow
I would be nice if I could connect to the post interface at the top, to certain destinations or syndication-targets. That way posts in my Tweets channels would go to Twitter. #microsub #indiereader
Having my own interface to Microsub and Micropub allows me to try a few experiments. The first is the post interface at the top of the stream.
I can now post from my own Microsub reader 😀
Let's try to post from the reader interface.
The new Microsub client can be found on GitHub. It may need some adjustments, but it will work if your Indieauth and Microsub endpoints support CORS.
This afternoon I wrote a Microsub reader. CORS is a problem with this. I can enable it on the Microsub server to make it work. Do I need another backend to make it work?
I improved Ekster with expansion of urls in rss feeds, and inclusion/exclusion regexes are used inside the referenced posts. This should help when a retweet or liked post contains the excluded keywords.

The implied name improvements in the microformats2 parser by @willnorris helps quite a bit in showing nice entries in Ekster. The name is shown as the title, but sometimes included the whole html of the entry.

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