I added a "Read More" button to Ekster Reader. With this change, longer articles are smaller, but can be expanded when you want to.
The WebSub hub needs a few small updates to improve the error handling, logging and handling of updates after the fact.
The new version of @phpstorm can create multiple files at the same time. This will make it possible to create all the files needed for a repository in one operation.
I want to counter the number of restarts of ESPHome devices. Perhaps it could be done with the counter in Home Assistant. But I need an event as well. Is there an event that is triggered when ESPhome disconnects or starts?
The address bar at the bottom of the screen is a nice feature in Firefox for Android. It's the place where my thumbs already are.
I improved the mobile view of the reader. Now the channels will pop in when needed. It is a small change, but is a big improvement when using it on the phone.
Ekster happily created new channels with the same as existing channels. Now the channel name is unique and returns the current uid and name of that channel. It seems this currently isn't specified.

It does improve the scriptability of Ek. I can now follow feeds while creating the channel like this:

ek follow `ek channels Blogs` https://example.com/blog/

The channels call will return the uid of the created channel or the uid of the existing channels when it already exists.
One use case for the draft feature is that an app creates a templated post with questions or gathered information.

This allows you to preview and edit this post and publish it at your leisure.
jq is a great tool for processing JSON files. One trick I use often is the following.

<input.json jq .

Because the query "." is at the end, you can iterate very fast on a solution.
Another thing I should support in Ekster is the mp-destination property. This could be used to send interesting articles directly to the wiki by creating a page from the micropub post.

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