Whimsical: The Visual WorkspaceCreate mind maps, flowcharts wireframe and board with sticky notes.

BlurHashSimple way to add images by using short strings.

Developing composer packages locally | Johannes PichlerAnother part of the method for developing composer packages.

24 Tips for Using Composer Efficiently — Martin Hujer blogMore tips for improved module development with Composer

💻 Easy peasy composer local package symlink: composer-link | SubstraktTips for improved module development with Composer.

WTF Happened to Custom Layout Updates in Magento v2.3.4 | Max ChadwickMagento Layout updates for pages, products and categories have changed. This page explains what you need to use in the future.

evilsocket/opensnitch: OpenSnitch is a GNU/Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewallShows connections to the internet, with the ability to block them.

GtkSharpNodeViewTutorial | MonoPerhaps this is a nice way to improve the Workspace view of TextCleaner.

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