Zettelkasten.de - Tying Blogging and the Zettelkasten Method Together for Fast FeedbackYou could create notes and send them to the blog. When you get responses, you can feed them back to the wiki.

Texpand app docsDocs for Android text expansion app.

Some Thoughts on How to Keep a ZettelkastenIt helps to structure your notes. The note can be structured witht these sections: metadata, content, links, and references. This structure is similar to what I use: metadata, notes, and relevant notes. The relevant notes could contain links to notes about sources, or other notes.

TapTap - fire event on double tap with AndroidFire events on double tap. You can start your music for example when headset is connected and you tap twice.

Zettelkasten.de - Three Layers of EvidenceThe three layers are:

- Data description and patterns.
- Interpretation of descriptions and patterns.
- Synthesis of patterns, descriptions and interpretation.

Zettelkasten.de - The Difference Between Good and Bad TagsThere are two different types of tags:
- Tags for topics. You use tags to group notes under a topic.
- Tags for objects. You use tags to group notes around an object, real or conceptual.

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