Things I wish Git had: Commit groupsA way to group commits so you can later see how some changes were created together.

"A framework for building Open Graph images | The GitHub Blog"Article about making screenshots automatically with some improvements to reduce time to take screenshot.

jpalardy/vim-slime: A vim plugin to give you some slime. (Emacs)Send text to a terminal to run it there.

An example could be that you are running "artisan" to try some code. With vim you can write some example code and send that to artisan to run it there.

StarshipFast prompt written in Rust

BrootTool to show overview of your files with features for preview, cd, and more.

foriequal0/git-trim: Automatically trims your branches whose tracking remote refs are merged or strayTrim your local branches in Git after they were merged online.

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