About — NGINX UnitNGINX Unit is a lightweight, dynamic, open-source server for diverse web applications.

pagebuilder-examples/Example/PageBuilderFaq at master · magento-devdocs/pagebuilder-examplesExample of how to add FAQ editor to Magento 2 Page Builder

The worlds worst video cardAmazing video about to create a video card on a breadboard.

You don’t need standup - palmerj3 - MediumHow to works without stand-ups, planning, retros and optional meetings.

GitHub - warner/magic-wormhole: get things from one computer to another, safelyEasy way to send files from the command line to another computer

The PGP problemPGP is not the right tool for the job.

Live repl with fzfExamples of how you use fzf as a live REPL.

Details of the Cloudflare outageCloudflare outage post mortem

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