EetMeter contains a useful list of Dutch foods. What would be the easiest way to get that into Exist?
There exists an XML formatted output of the weeks, but that can only be downloaded by hand. Also I need to fill the app with the things I eat.
The button part I have created with Tasker and KWGT (Kustom Widget Maker). The widget calls Tasker to add 1 to the %COFFEE variable. The value is then send back to the widget. The next thing Tasker needs to do is send the value to the Exist client.
The Exist API is quite simple. I have already created a simple client that adds "coffees" to my account.
I want to send the number of cups of coffee that I drink to Exist. It seems easy. There are two steps: push button to send count of 1, and at end of the day send the total count to Exist and reset the count. There needs to be storage for the count and a way to send and reset it.

When we returned the car we drove 2869 miles through the US. We had no major problems on the road and only had low tire pressure because of a nail in the tire at the second to last hotel. We were able to get the tire replaced with the spare tire across the road from the hotel.
Yesterday we arrived in Santa Monica after a drive (with a few stops) of 18 days from Chicago to Santa Monica. We completed Route 66 in about 2474 miles.
Tonight I added a filter to Eksterd to exclude reposts, likes, bookmarks, check-ins, and replies. This should help a lot with the Twitter channel.
With the new events in Ekster, when I like a post, I see the post on my website appear immediately in the channel list. There are many steps in between to make this happen, which is almost magical :)
It seems some posts from Twitter contain "white-space: pre" in their content[html]. I need to find a way to remove this. Or at least convert it to pre-wrap.
The reader follows the way the protocol works. It should be possible to make better interfaces based on the information that is available.

- Persistent messages, for example, notifications of events, which will disappear after the event has finished.
- Gallery view
- Check-ins view, or current location view
- Top N items, based on likes

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