Tonight I added a filter to Eksterd to exclude reposts, likes, bookmarks, check-ins, and replies. This should help a lot with the Twitter channel.
With the new events in Ekster, when I like a post, I see the post on my website appear immediately in the channel list. There are many steps in between to make this happen, which is almost magical :)
It seems some posts from Twitter contain "white-space: pre" in their content[html]. I need to find a way to remove this. Or at least convert it to pre-wrap.
The reader follows the way the protocol works. It should be possible to make better interfaces based on the information that is available.

- Persistent messages, for example, notifications of events, which will disappear after the event has finished.
- Gallery view
- Check-ins view, or current location view
- Top N items, based on likes
I made a change so new items are added to the end of the global timeline. Also add items to the current timeline when the channel matches the channel of the new item.
Group actions can be found in programming. For example: the drop function on lodash. When you call drop(1) and drop(3) on a list you get the same result as calling drop(1+3) on that list. The essence is that you can combine the numbers (1 and 3) instead of calling a function twice.
Just fixed a bug in Ekster Reader where items weren't marked as read when the bottom of the screen was reached. The mark_read function didn't expect an array of uids.
I just found out about Nginx Unit, which seems to be able to run quite a few languages out of the box.
In my development version of Ekster Reader now "syncs" the number of unread items in a channel between two different browsers.
Time for pizza.

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