The next release of Indigenous will have channel management. Which is very cool. In the meantime I'm testing and fixing Ekster.
The other thing I could do in Node-RED is adding a location to a post even when it doesn't have one itself. This can be done because I keep track of locations with OwnTracks. Node-RED can add the location to the post.
Next I need to implement destinations for likes and bookmarks, to make it possible to automatically fetch information title even when micropub apps don't do it.
I added the code for destinations in Wrimini, the Android Micropub client. Now I can send a post to my website, which gets forwarded to Node-RED, which can change the post and post it somewhere else again.
I should implement destinations for Wrimini. I could send posts to a Node Red destination and apply some filtering automatically. This would also work well with the Micropub node.
The next thing that I want is a special micropub endpoint that I can write posts to from Node RED where these posts will disappears after a few hours, days or when removed, an ephemeral feed.
Being able to post from Node Red to Micropub-enabled endpoints enables quite a few possibilities. The version I'm working on now allows you to send just a string as a payload, which will used a content value.
I just released my first Node RED package. It uses @grantcodes micropub helper and can post messages to micropub blogs.
Testing from Node RED

Add notch on Nokia 8.1

On some Nokia 8.1's the notch is hidden. But worse the settings for showing or hiding is also hidden. I found a post on the Nokia forum where it shows how you can open the settings with Automate. I don't have that app, but I do have Tasker. I could add a task that sends an Intent to open the settings. This is it:

Send Intent:
  Type: Activity

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