Last week I started to use PhpStorm after using Vim for >10 years. Magento 2 contains 1000s of files split over 1000s of directories. And every file you want to use has to be specified in full, and often more than once. Too much typing. PhpStorm helps with that.
I started with using "refs" in the microsub items. When it's available in the original feed, Ekster will try to add it to the refs array.
Trello ( is a free and easy way to make a kanban board. It helps to test board ideas and helps organize stuff.
Kanban limits WIP (Work in Progress) and makes that work visible. It's one of the great ideas and applicable in many domains. My latest kanban board is for stuff I ordered. "Wishiist", "To Order", "Ordered", "Delivered". The "Ordered" column helps to see the amount of open orders.
Started switching from to It's shorter and of my development and testing domain.
At work, two weeks ago we switched from Hipchat to Stride. I guess we'll be using Slack in the future?
The conversion of all my private repositories to Gitea is completed. And I just downgraded my Github account to free.
Starting to move my repositories from Github to my own Gitea server. Two repositories moved and are now bulding with Drone. Also now using the vanity names for the repositories. Ekster can be found at
The memory leak became visible with the help of the stackdriver profiler.
Close your response bodies, or you will have a massive memory leak in long running programs #golang #tip

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