Digest for Week 42-2021




  • The JSON data type in MariaDB is an alias to LONGTEXT. It seems that even changing the column type from LONGTEXT to JSON doesn't even change the type in the schema, even though it says it updated something. link
  • It seems it should be possible to read the liters of water used from the water meter with a reed switch or some kind of pulse meter. It seems there are solutions that cost about EUR 80. The water meter that we have, has ways to mount a digital meter on top. Perhaps I can make something that reads the gauge. link
  • Ekster adds _source now as a field to the feed items. link
  • I made some improvements to the WebSub Hub. This should now actually expire old subscriptions. link
  • I'm trying to add the "_source" field to items in Ekster. At the moment it adds the information from the FeedHeader when it is available. link
  • I just pushed a nice improvement for ek. It allows you to use the name or uid of the channel in all commands. This makes working with it a lot easier. No need to remember random IDs. link
  • The coolest feature from Ekster that I forgot about was the new search integration.You can now search for items in your system in specific fields. An example would be a query for name:weekly. The part "name:" would find items with the word weekly appearing in the name. All supported JF2 properties could be looked for. link
  • I just noticed Home Assistant supports Indieauth to get access tokens. That's great! link
  • A few days ago I saw a video by Aaron Parecki talking about PKCE. It seems to be a useful improvement to OAuth and Indieauth.

So today I added this to the weblog. It can now do the extra verification that happens, because of PKCE. It was pretty simple as you can add it as a few steps between the normal authentication. The structure itself stays very much the same. So this was the authorization server side of the protocol. Now I should add this to the clients that I created. link