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Teckin SP22 with ESPHome

OpenTherm gateway

Yesterday I received the parts for the opentherm gateway. It's a small board that lets me connect the heater and thermostat to my network. With this I should be able to control the heater and thermostat and read the temperature with Home Assistant.

Today I soldered the kit and flashed the NodeMCU that connects the board to the wifi network. It already works standalone and I can read the values through the network. Now I only need to connect the board with the heater and thermostat.

Why don't you link to it?

I like how all this comes together. I get the notifications from Twitter (about reweets and likes) through Bridgy as webmentions, which get send to Ekster. I can then view them in Monocle.


It's a dog 🐕, if it wasn't clear.

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