OpenTherm gateway

Yesterday I received the parts for the opentherm gateway. It's a small board that lets me connect the heater and thermostat to my network. With this I should be able to control the heater and thermostat and read the temperature with Home Assistant.

Today I soldered the kit and flashed the NodeMCU that connects the board to the wifi network. It already works standalone and I can read the values through the network. Now I only need to connect the board with the heater and thermostat.
I had a problem, where my site couldn't authorize with Twitter. Because of the lack of error messages in this part of the site, I couldn't what the problem was. So I added logging of error messages. The url of my website wasn't registered as a callback for Twitter. I added the url in the Twitter developer dashboard for my app and now the Twitter integration works again.
With the latest version of my reader I can follow feeds from other feeds. Ekster supports the search command with the url of a website. It suggests available feeds from that website. My reader shows preview and follow buttons and a way to select the channel I want to add the feed to. This lets me follow websites based on the likes posted by other people.

I created a new release of Ek(ster) which checks status codes in the HTTP responses of the microsub server. See version 0.8.3 on Github.

And as always please use the -verbose option to show the actual requests and responses. An example:

ek -verbose channels

This way you get the actual headers and body of the requests, which could help with debugging.

Ekster now contains a new feature. The backend now supports two types of Redis based timeline backends. The default is still the timeline based on sorted sets. The new type is based on streams. The notification channel will now use this new stream type. Not many entries are posted to this channel, but I will use it for more things in the future.
It's still amazing to me that these posts show up directly in my reader, seconds after I post them.
Some time ago I could easily get the content of a tweet to show as a cited post on my likes. Now all I get is 403 Forbidden... 😐

The last few days, I made improvements to Ekster. I simplified the conversion from MF2 to JF2. The first version of this code was ad-hoc, because I didn't understand what I could expect from the MF2 library. Now that I know what the inputs look like, I have written a better converter. The code now converts directly from microformat.Microformat to jf2.Item with less layers of map[string][]interface{} in between. At the same time I added logging that shows the properties that were used, but weren't accepted by this new code.

Researching bugs in the code of Ekster and the Reader. Or perhaps it's the hosting of the Redis server in Docker.
Testing Redis 5.0 with Reader and Ekster.

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