One use case for the draft feature is that an app creates a templated post with questions or gathered information.

This allows you to preview and edit this post and publish it at your leisure.
jq is a great tool for processing JSON files. One trick I use often is the following.

<input.json jq .

Because the query "." is at the end, you can iterate very fast on a solution.

Testing the new release

The next release of wrimini has better support for like and bookmark and scrolling.
Another thing I should support in Ekster is the mp-destination property. This could be used to send interesting articles directly to the wiki by creating a page from the micropub post.
Inspired by the feature in Hey where you can read your emails as a feed, I thought about how it would be possible to build this myself with off the shelf components.

One of the possibilities is to do this with Gmail and Zapier. With Zapier you can create a feed from every incoming email with a label. You could use the Promotions category. When you use the link to the email as the link of the item you can adjust the automatic filtering when it was wrong.

Another possibility would be using Ekster with an external service that receives emails, filters and forwards these to the micropub endpoint. You could gather all promotional emails that way in your microsub server and read them with your reader.
After a few months of not working on Indieweb related software, today I have added bookmarking from Ekster Reader. I wanted this for a long time but never came around to implementing it.

Together with the bookmark feature, I also added syndication targets. This allows you to select one or more syndication targets from your micropub software and are sent when posting.

This is very useful for me, because I want to syndicate my bookmarks to Pinboard.
Use "UTF8_STRING" to copy text to the Gdk.Clipboard.

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