The implied name improvements in the microformats2 parser by @willnorris helps quite a bit in showing nice entries in Ekster. The name is shown as the title, but sometimes included the whole html of the entry.

I have added the -verbose flag to ek. This makes it possible to see the HTTP requests that are sent to the Microsub server and the responses that are returned. It can be a tool when creating your own Microsub server of client.

Today I created two pull requests for go microformats to improve the coverage of the microformats tests. With these PRs applied it will replace relative urls inside e-content with absolute urls.
I would like to have a version of Markdown that allows me to add microformats classes to links and text.
I have deleted my #facebook account. Now the long 14 day wait starts, for it to be final. 😅
Thinking about how to implement ActivityPub in my website. The two tutorials got me a profile in Mastodon. It would be great to get the posting to work.
I thought I didn't port mark unread in Ekster to the Redis backend. But it seems it's not spec-ed and I did not implement it.
Testing the new syndication chooser in the main writing interface of Wrimini.
I fixed a problem in Wrimini where it became quite impossible to add bookmarks. I will release a new alpha version in a few minutes. Standard Play store timing applies.
Last week I started to use PhpStorm after using Vim for >10 years. Magento 2 contains 1000s of files split over 1000s of directories. And every file you want to use has to be specified in full, and often more than once. Too much typing. PhpStorm helps with that.

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