Today I wanted to build a new version of the website with Drone. It got this error: "SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired". The strange thing is that SSL certificate is from Let's Encrypt and this is automatically regenerated.

The solution I found was to pull a newer version of "drone/git" on the host machine where Drone runs. This solves the problem.

<a href="">solution</a>
Personal knowledge management could never have this input would without the public wikis providing a place for this written experience.
In the original wikis, part of the draw was that the people who took part in the history wrote about their personal experience. There is a big chance that these people would not have written this otherwise.
While working on an extension for zk in Neovim, I learned a few things:
- You can't use vim.fn.json_decode inside a make_entry call.
- Telescope finders.new_job calls to external programs expect a new line at the end of the last line.
- Zk doesn't add a new line at the end of the last line, but can do it with --footer "\n".
I created a tree-sitter grammar for printf. It's a few lines of code. Then I added a few queries to neovim to inject this new grammar in Go for Printf, Sprintf, Fprintf and Errorf. And now it highlights the "%s" in the format string.
The new version of Firefox has a nice dark theme.
It seems the Microsub reader works well enough in a mobile browser.
The Postgres streams in Ekster got some improvements. Hope this works better now.
What would I need to send the webmention notifications to Ekster? It seems that I need to post the webmentions as Micropub posts to a channel.
I have been building a Postgres backend for some of the timelines. This timeline type returns items in reverse chronological order and keeps all of them (for now). The sorted sets type removed all read items.

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