Starship is a prompt for your shell. It is customizable, very fast and has great defaults. It supports many tools and programming languages out of the box. It has great Git support.

The speed with which a prompt is shown is important, because it influences the way you work. With a prompt I used before, I noticed that the bigger the Git repository I was working became, the longer it took to show the prompt. Just pressing Enter took some time. Normally this shouldn't be noticeable.

When there are prompts that you don't need, you can easily disable these prompts. Run "starship config" to open your editor on the configuration file. My configuration looks like this. It improves the time formatting and disables some prompt segments for programming languages.

  disabled = false
  format = '[$time]($style) '
  time_format = "%H:%M"

  disabled = true

  disabled = true

  disabled = true

  disabled = true

  disabled = true

  disabled = true

I like Starship, as it is a nice improvement for my terminal and shell.