flawiddsouza/Restfox: Offline-first web HTTP clientClient for HTTP to test requests

A few days ago I saw a video by Aaron Parecki talking about PKCE. It seems to be a useful improvement to OAuth and Indieauth.

So today I added this to the weblog. It can now do the extra verification that happens, because of PKCE. It was pretty simple as you can add it as a few steps between the normal authentication. The structure itself stays very much the same. So this was the authorization server side of the protocol. Now I should add this to the clients that I created.

Polypane, the perfect browser for web developers and designersThis seems like a useful tool for responsive web development.

Number scrubbingAdjust numbers by dragging

Intersection Observer API - Web APIs | MDNPerhaps this could help with infinite scrolling.

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