With Ekster I have almost implemented the full protocol of Microsub. What is next? What more is possible with the protocol, the servers or the clients?

Specific inputs:
- microformats from websites
- Feeds (implemented) RSS, JSON feed, XML
- Micropub posting (implemented) so other services can post messages
Example: Pipedream receives email and posts as item
- API's for specific websites
- Saved search

Processing and filtering:
- Exclude posts with regex (implemented)
- Exclude posts based on post-type-discovery (implemented)
- Improve post content
- Advanced processing with user-defined flows (like Huginn?)

Specific outputs:
- Global and channel search (implemented)
- Standard feed reader (implemented)
- Share to your own website (micropub likes, bookmarks, and replies)
- Share to other services (Instapaper)
- Notifications

What else?