The new version of @phpstorm can create multiple files at the same time. This will make it possible to create all the files needed for a repository in one operation.

Scopes in JetBrains IDEs - stitcher.ioYou can add colors to your files in PHPstorm and not just syntax highlighting.

deep-assoc-completion - Plugins | JetBrainsPossible plugin to try with PHPStorm

How do I disable Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right? - Ask UbuntuThis gsettings example works for me when I'm using the same keybindings in PHPStorm.

Last week I started to use PhpStorm after using Vim for >10 years. Magento 2 contains 1000s of files split over 1000s of directories. And every file you want to use has to be specified in full, and often more than once. Too much typing. PhpStorm helps with that.

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