What would I need to send the webmention notifications to Ekster? It seems that I need to post the webmentions as Micropub posts to a channel.

Interdependent Thoughts - Revisiting My Ideal Feed ReaderList of use cases for a feed reader.

The other thing I could do in Node-RED is adding a location to a post even when it doesn't have one itself. This can be done because I keep track of locations with OwnTracks. Node-RED can add the location to the post.
Next I need to implement destinations for likes and bookmarks, to make it possible to automatically fetch information title even when micropub apps don't do it.
I added the code for destinations in Wrimini, the Android Micropub client. Now I can send a post to my website, which gets forwarded to Node-RED, which can change the post and post it somewhere else again.
I should implement destinations for Wrimini. I could send posts to a Node Red destination and apply some filtering automatically. This would also work well with the Micropub node.
The next thing that I want is a special micropub endpoint that I can write posts to from Node RED where these posts will disappears after a few hours, days or when removed, an ephemeral feed.
It's still amazing to me that these posts show up directly in my reader, seconds after I post them.
The other improvement today was in the MF2 parser. It's still not 100% compatible (or 80%), but I parses more things than it did yesterday.
Today I improved the flow when logging in from micropub clients to Ekster. Now you continue with the Indieauth when you aren't logged in. Also now the app name and logo are shown when you login with a Micropub client.

I just made a change to Ekster that allows it to receive Micropub requests from Indiepaper. In a way this already worked, but only with source_id and JF2 request bodies. This change allows the auth token to be in the Authorization header and JSON micropub requests.

configure syndication endpoints@aaronpk uses silopub to create new syndication endpoints

Micropub client for AndroidThis is also a micropub client for Android. But will become a microsub client as well.

Micropub for a static Neocities websiteIncludes information about a special authorization_endpoint specially for people who don't have their own website. They can login using a password.

Next I will need to implement the channels that I added to the authentication screen. This will allow to connect auth tokens with channels. The channels will be special "feeds" so not all items will end up on the homepage.

replied to pstuifzand/micropub-android issue #7

Sharing from the app already works. It could be a bit improved as some apps seem to combine text and urls in the same fields. Needs more testing
I just released a new version of the Android app. This time the photo upload support was added.
I have been making some progress with my new Android app. I now fetch the media endpoint and can send an image through the media endpoint.
Photo upload works though media endpoint. Uses multipart/form-data to upload photo and sends the received url through the photo parameter as form encoded POST.
Working on improving the stability of the login procedure.
I just released a new alpha version of the micropub for Android app.
It now supports both Link headers and link elements when signing in.
I still need to improve the way Twitter is handled by the micropub server. If I reply to a post on a #indieweb website, I should read the syndications from the entry and try to post a reply on Twitter to that post.

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