TapTap - fire event on double tap with AndroidFire events on double tap. You can start your music for example when headset is connected and you tap twice.

Automate publishing your Android application with Bitbucket Pipelines and Gradle - BitbucketHow to setup a publishing workflow for Android applications on Bitbucket

Notepad android appNice app. Android replacement for Drafts.

New alpha release of Wrimini

I just released the latest version of Wrinini. There is not much changed in the front, except for the name field. It was added to make it easier to create issues on GitHub. It also helps to create articles more easily. The other change is that the app now authorizes with your default browser instead of the webview.

There were also a few bugfixes. If you share an url with text, which some apps do, Wrinini will now separate the text and url into their separate fields.

The bookmark part of the app should get the title of the page it points to and allow to add tags and a short description.

Micropub client for AndroidThis is also a micropub client for Android. But will become a microsub client as well.

I just added an account with the Android app without using the webview. Instead it used Chrome and some redirects with special schemes.
Just send a like with the latest Dev version of the Android app

replied to pstuifzand/micropub-android issue #7

Sharing from the app already works. It could be a bit improved as some apps seem to combine text and urls in the same fields. Needs more testing
I just released a new version of the Android app. This time the photo upload support was added.
I have been making some progress with my new Android app. I now fetch the media endpoint and can send an image through the media endpoint.
Photo upload works though media endpoint. Uses multipart/form-data to upload photo and sends the received url through the photo parameter as form encoded POST.
Working on improving the stability of the login procedure.
I just released a new alpha version of the micropub for Android app.
It now supports both Link headers and link elements when signing in.
My first alpha release version of the #micropub Android app was just released to the Play store.
Watching a video about fragments to get a better idea about programming apps on Android.
This is a new test with Android application to post to syndicated services as well. Let's see how good this works.

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