New alpha release of Wrimini

I just released the latest version of Wrinini. There is not much changed in the front, except for the name field. It was added to make it easier to create issues on GitHub. It also helps to create articles more easily. The other change is that the app now authorizes with your default browser instead of the webview.

There were also a few bugfixes. If you share an url with text, which some apps do, Wrinini will now separate the text and url into their separate fields.

I have just added an image proxy between my blog and the profile pictures on the blog. In the future I will look at how to use it for the images in the posts.
I still need to improve the way Twitter is handled by the micropub server. If I reply to a post on a #indieweb website, I should read the syndications from the entry and try to post a reply on Twitter to that post.

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