Listening – Chris BurnellI listen to stuff, it could be saved to my website.

Digest for August 2018 – Dan QExample of the type of summary/digest post I want to make.

The Exist API is quite simple. I have already created a simple client that adds "coffees" to my account.
I want to send the number of cups of coffee that I drink to Exist. It seems easy. There are two steps: push button to send count of 1, and at end of the day send the total count to Exist and reset the count. There needs to be storage for the count and a way to send and reset it.

I have found the problem! The indexer used the status of the post, which wouldn't change, instead of the status in the loop. Except for the last status, it always removed the book from the "shelf".
It seems the indexer for the read posts doesn't work yet. Somehow only finished posts are handled properly, but not to-read or reading posts.

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