Now I'm trying to built the coffee counter with Tasker and Resilio Sync. Every day around midnight Tasker writes the coffee count to a file. This count will be synced to my desktop computer and can then be processed with a script for Exist.
I have been sending coffees data to Exist for about two weeks now and I'm already getting new correlations. On of the things I found by myself is that I drink 4 cups almost every day.
EetMeter contains a useful list of Dutch foods. What would be the easiest way to get that into Exist?
There exists an XML formatted output of the weeks, but that can only be downloaded by hand. Also I need to fill the app with the things I eat.

Exist API referenceList of attributes that can be updated through Exist API

The Exist API is quite simple. I have already created a simple client that adds "coffees" to my account.
I want to send the number of cups of coffee that I drink to Exist. It seems easy. There are two steps: push button to send count of 1, and at end of the day send the total count to Exist and reset the count. There needs to be storage for the count and a way to send and reset it.

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