Releases · johnjones4/Standard-Notes-ClipperWeb clipper extension for Standard Notes, for Chrome and Firefox.

Smart tags discussion thread · Issue #262 · standardnotes/forumA long list of examples of how to use smart folders/tags in Standard Notes.

Standard Notes

At the moment I'm trying out Standard Notes*. It's a note-taking app, for the web, Android, iOS, Linux, and also OS X and Windows. The most important feature of SN is the security that is built right in the product.

The app supports multiple editors and actions. An editor in SN is a view of the data. You can view your note with the Markdown editor or as a spreadsheet.

The actions are a way to call external services to transform or process your note. If you're a developer, you can extend the actions with your functionality. You can write a post to your blog or perform a transformation.

I like SN, because of security, availability, and extensibility. You can use it in many ways. For example, you can start a short post on your phone, do the final editing on the native desktop and post it automatically to your blog.

[*] Use the link to get a free month of Extended.

Standard Notes - ActionsCreate your own action for Standard Notes

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