Today I upgraded Home Assistant to the latest version 0.96.5.

  • I adjusted a few things that deteriorated in the meantime. Now the history and recorder tabs are working again.
  • I'm using the opentherm_gw component again instead of my own OTGW bridge. This allows me to use the climate thermostat component again.
  • I set up OwnTracks with the Private HTTP webhooks instead of the MQTT bridge. The webhooks have as a positive point that these don't need an extra certificate to keep it secure. It will just use the certificate that I use with Home Assistant.
Home Assistant contains a component to control an OpenTherm Gateway, but it seemed not very stable. The gateway sometimes has timeouts and these also happen in Home Assistant. The problem was that HA stopped in the middle of the night and became unresponsive. To resolve this problem I have created a go program that copies temperatures from and to the gateway. This is a lot more stable as the timeouts don't hinder the processing. With a input_select component and a few automations I now have a more stable and responsive heating control system.

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