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Testing the webmention rocks!

Peter Stuifzand replied to aaronpk/Aperture issue #51

@matpacker For the moment it's possible to use ek to import OPML files. It works best if your OPML has two levels: one for channels and feeds inside the channels, other channels and feeds will be skipped.

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Don't show post failed when location header is missing

On there is no location header sent. This looks like an error, but the message was posted.

Don't let the location header be required.

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Fixed for RSS/Atom feeds.
@pstuifzand You can type html in markdown (that's what I always do, as I can never remember the link syntax)

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Ha ha, that makes sense. Why didn't I think of that. ☺️

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I see that you also added dt-published to the date. That makes it complete for the readers. Thanks!

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Kicks: “Micropub for a Static Neocities Website” seems to have a bookmark some time ago, but now it has become an article. Luckily the link was hidden in there somewhere:

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Add set and hash of feeds to Redis to improve subscriptions

The subscriptions of the feeds, are kept in keys named "feed:<id>", but these are difficult to reference at the moment. There should be a set of "feed:<id>" items and a hash of urls to "feed:<id>". That way I can deduplicate feeds and make it easier to resubscribe.

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Resubscription was added, now I need to find some feeds with WebSub and see if those work.

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Add tracking to channels (include from all)

In the original version I had a filter that added all items matching a regex to a channel. In the settings page there should be a place to add keywords to a channel (even if it has no feeds) and gather all items matching those keywords (or perhaps) regex.

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