Changes on March 18

Data storage

I changed the way that the post are saved in the data backend. The backend is Redis and the ids of the posts were added to channel lists. That works great for a while. The list are sequential, which keeps the posts in order on the website. I changed to type of the channels to be sets. The advantage of this is that I can merge the sets of ids. The problem however is that sets don't have a sequential order. This can be solved with the SORT command. It sorts ids by a differents keys and also allows to limit the result. Both limits and sorting works this way.


Next I made checkins work. I now use Own your swarm to send micropub posts to this blog. Now I can use the Swarm app to check-in to locations and have them send automatically to this blog. Then I improved the design of check-in posts. And added Mapbox to show the locations on the map.